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About Our Company

History ::


   An enthusiasm and commitment of a young team of computer professionals resulted in the formation of International Solutions Ltd Started in 2003. Its main objective has been to provide state-of-the- art products and services in the field of Information Technology. Its main area of activity involves Networking Solutions, Internet Service Provisions, Web Development, Software Development, E-commerce Solutions, Multimedia Presentation and other Internet services like domain name registration and web hosting.

   Working under the Registered name International Solutions Ltd ( as an IT Department) from 2005, Alvin Yaw Cienfiled as the IT Department manager and a 25% share holder, was very hard working and exhibited very good managerial and technical skills putting all the best he can to promote client satisfaction. In 2006 Alvin was appointed as the In-Country Consultant (ICC) in Ghana for a USA Gov sponsored Project called ECOWAS Regional Information Exchange System (ERIES) established in 2001, managed in Germany by the USA European Command (USEUCOM) under the care of MC Dean Inc Gmbh.

   This project covered the entire West African region. The project was a Satellite Based Communication Solution to provide an intranet for the entire ECOWAS region for Information Security and Management. This project was intended to aid the ECOWAS in Humanitarian Relief, Information Sharing and Disaster Management in real-time. Working with this project, Alvin was well trained and equipped with all communications regarding satellite and microwave setup/installation. Alvin personally supported in satellite terminal installations in The Gambia, Togo and Ghana. He also supported in other projects in Senegal and Cape Verdi Islands. As an IT Manager in International Solutions Ltd, working with the ERIES Project was very demanding because as an In-Country Consultant, he had a duty to train and manage the users of the Network terminals and also establish a Satellite connection outside the main Ghana Site for training whenever the need arose.

   The management of International Solutions decided to liquidate the company in 2007 after a hard financial constrain that led the company to bankruptcy. Alvin then took over the IT Department and its corresponding contacts and now progressed it into a standalone Limited Liability Company as I-SAT (Internetworking – Satellite) Solutions provider registered in late 2008.

Mission Statement ::

To consistently and professionally implement and advise on “State of the Art” business technology solutions that exceed client expectations.

Vision ::

I-SAT Solutions LLC takes leadership role in offering Total IT Solutions to Business Organizations nationwide. The ultimate goal is to make communications easier through the provision of unique, functional and cost effective solutions to our customers.

Philosophy ::

I-SAT Solutions LLC partners with you to define and address your organizations unique transformation imperative. We work in transparent consultation with our clients to define your business goals, devise a strategy, decide on a course of action, develop a solution, deploy it across your organization, and deliver improved business results. Our integrated consulting and IT services capabilities bring continuity and consistency to your

Strategic programs. Learn more about our different consulting areas:

IT Consulting: Including Architecture and Technology, Information Risk Management, Infrastructure Services, IT Process and Service Management, IT Strategy and Governance, Master Data Management, Performance Engineering Solutions, Quality Assurance, Testing and Training.

Quality Assurance ::

I-SAT Solutions LLC provides high quality services for Networking Solutions, web designing, web development, web hosting, e-commerce solutions, and software development and multimedia presentations to the end users on a broad range of hardware & software platforms and latest technologies.
Within 4 years of our operations, I-SAT has carved a niche for itself in the IT industry and has increased its business by acquiring some major domestic and international projects. No doubt the company has been able to make a name for itself in a relatively short span of time only because of its ability and commitments to ensure customer satisfaction by rewarding quality work on right time and in a right manner.

Achievements ::

  Built our own wireless network infrastructure covering 6 base stations and plans are under way to add additional 3 by the end of the year. For more information about our coverage areas >>>click here.

  Developed Web Based Application for our In-house Management and Commercial purposes (Corporate/HR Management, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management and an Enterprise Asset Tracking/Maintenance Management software packages). Customizing these applications gives us the ability and flexibility to frequently and quickly roll out new services unto the market.

Please feel free to glance through our Accomplished Projects.

>>> click here to download profile
SMS Alert & Notification Solutions
We provide SMS Notifications & Alerts Service to organizations that require such services.

This service allow users to TXT a Trigger Code to a dedicated GSM number to request for information or initiate a process.

We host a Cloud for subscribers. Institutions such as Schools , Financial , Insurance, Communication etc can subscribe.

We also design & build customized solutions for institutions based on their preferences

For more about bulk sms solutions and Application >>> click here

Bulk SMS Solutions
We provide Bulk SMS Routing Solutions to organizations that require bulk sms advertistment.

We host a Cloud for subscribers. Institutions such as Schools , Financial , Insurance, Communication etc can subscribe.

We also design & build customized solutions for institutions based on their preferences

For more about bulk sms solutions and Application >>> click here

Internet & WAN Service Infrastructure
We provide Internet & WAN Service for Personal / Private & Corporate purposes.

We currently have Base Transmission Stations(BTS) at these locations:


Visit our internet packages & prices Main page >>> click here.

Web-Based Applications Development
We develop & build web-based applications for all purposes.

With our cutting Edge Xietryx Core Backend, Services are developed and ported in a flash

We integrate web-based applications with the following:

Application Programming Interface (API)
Third Party Databases
RF Card Readers / Scanners
Finger Print Scanners

Our web-apps are developed tailored to suite client needs. Below is a list of some few developments:

      Cloud Time & Attendance Solution
       (Tymer v1.0)

      Cloud Payroll System
       (Paymaster v1.0)

      Guard & Patrol Management Solution
       (GuardTrack v1.0)

      Quick, Simple, Agile Reporting
       (SuperVix v1.0)

      Foolproof Messaging Solution
       (BroadCaster v1.0)

      Uruduo Online Booking & Ticketing Platform
       (Uruduo v1.0)

Visit Xietryx Core Main Site >>> click here.

VPN Solutions
We provide VPN Solutions to corporate institutions that require such service.

We also design and implement the service for corporate bodies that need tailored made VPN Solutions.

Our VPN solution is based on Layer2 Remote Access Service (RAS) with MPLS Core for Multi Site VPN & IPSec with Data encryption for high data security.

Our VPN termination speed depends on the internet service connection at each termination site including the Hub Site.

For more about VPN Solutions >>>click here.

Network Service Platform Solutions
We design & build networks for all purposes, from SOHO to Scalable Enterprise Standards.

We structure network from the Gateway Borders through the Core to the Distributions Nodes.

We distribute service over various mediums such us Fiber Optics, Cupper & Wireless.

With our in-depth knowledge in Structured Cabling, our network layout meets international standards.

Listed are a few network structures we design:

       Storage Access Network (SAN) for Data Center

       Multi Service Access Network (MSAN) for Service Distribution

       MPLS Core Backbone for Multi layer Service Integration & Service Co-location

       Wireless WAN Core Backbone for wireless-based service distribution

       High Speed Stackable Switch Core Backbone for Large cupper-based LAN

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